Beauty with thorns! ROSE🌹

Beauty with many thorns
A heart as fierce as a lion protecting its cub
Having an unimaginable back up
An unfathomable protection
Beauty plus thorns!

Can I be touched?
No, I'm a beauty with thorns
Thorns in place to fight against wrongs
Thorns in place like shields for every storm

After being cut, cut into places not wanted, not expected !
I see my sisters and daughters taking up and fighting on
The voice I raised did not die
My girls were called beauties with thorns

For those that tried to hold me
Those that tried to tame me
My thorns are there to prick and hurt!
I will clear and fight!
I will break chains!
I would say it's a scar that cannot be cleared The scar from my thorns
I promise, you will bleed by a prick
My thorns are sharper than an iron sword

I will fight!
Fight oppressors, liars, fighters and whoever!
My thorns hurt people who try to get close to me!
People who try to touch me
They don't know I'm a beauty with thorns!

Love me and leave me
Admire me but do not touch me!
Do not call me and do not harass me else, I'll prick you!
I'm a beauty with thorns!

Take time to notice me, to respect me, to love me and to care for me!
I deserve attention and care,I cannot fight nature!
Use energy and strength to reference me!
For I am a rose, I cannot be kept!
I am like smoke from a burning house, I cannot be tamed!

In years to come, when I go
I shall leave my thorns for my daughters!
My legacy and my words!

Is my sword not my tongue?
Is it not my actions?

I do not land on my flesh!
My thorns make a base for me
I do not land flat! I land firm!
I am a beauty with thorns!
A body with firmness!
I have a tongue as sharp as sword!
And I have my girls too!
As iron sharpens iron!
Rose fall, but the thorns remain!


  1. Beauty with thorns😍😍😍. I'm in love with this write-up....keep it up dear...

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  7. Yomi I'm so proud of you. This is really beautiful. I'm a beauty with thorns. I just felt so powerful😂❤️❤️❤️

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