Depression, The rise, The climax, The fall!

Depression, The rise, the climax, and the fall!

The rise of the heart
The uncontrolled rate of pressure
Soooo many demands, Just one gender
A mind set up  high enough
A soul reaching out to things ignored
Can we sit still and let the people go in their pace
Rush and rush , until there's a rush to the grave
Judgmental? Hell no!
Rather take a nap

So many souls crying, unheard
So many dreams covered, unfulfilled
So many emotions felt, unnoticed
So much tears left, unseen

In the midst of thousands a few are heard
Leaving the rest unprotected, unloved!
Making them feel the future is not secured
So many souls crying!
Wondering and thinking!what's the point of it all!
I am a gender on my own! not a supporting actress!

 I am a person, fearfully and wonderfully made!
With dreams!innovations! ideas!
But why am I not heard ?
Why am I told to be quiet ?
Do you feel I should end this miserable life of mine?
Do you think the tears would stop if I try?
Do you think I would fight back and conquer?
All the soldiers put up against me in this war!
Life is a war! Can I defeat!
What do you think!
Why for decades! For years!
When do I stand to be recognized!

The Climax, The heart can't take it anymore
The head is full, the pressure is much
What is there in the afterlife?
Contemplation on whether to live or die
What about a long step into paradise?
Do you think this can be cleared?
Do you think I'm good enough?

No reply
The fall

Death !


  1. Wow, yomi.this is magic! I'm proud of you

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