To y'all feeling down, who society has affected sooooo much that you do not even know yourself anymore...
You are a star that has been covered with customs and society and you're there wondering if you're really meant to exist...
This is for you!
Your existence is not a mistake!
Your creation was not accidental!
Just some lines for you today!

Speak up, girl, speak!
You are strong, bold and beautiful
You can , just want it!
You are talented and your dreams refuse to die!
The world wants to see! I want to see!(lol)
You should be ambitious, what exactly are you doing!
The world awaits you!

You have the ability to shine for the world to see
You can glowwwww , they can't defeat you!
You are brave, you have been brave for so long!
You have the right! The right to want something and have it!

So I challenge you today!
Want something! Fight for it! And have it!
Speak up, girl!
Society is gonna chill!