Hi, my name is Yommy Ayilara. I`m a feminist, a blogger and a law student.
People close to me know that I am a very outspoken and blunt girl. And yesss! I talk a lot for the girlssss,the words flow. I always have something to contribute and I am always ready to defend girls whenever there is a little bit of disrespect. And trust me to always win(A lawyers skills, lolllll! *wink*).
Agree with me that there is a problem on the society! There is a menace! There is discrimination! There are voices not heard! There are people crying in despair! There are women waiting for help! There are orphans and vulnerable children not cared for!
The goal is to make the world a better place! I will talk and write and preach until there is a change!
This, I promise!
So that I won`t rant how I feel to my friends and family alone, here is a blog for you!

Aims : 3R`s 
Respect , Recognition and Realization.
Respect : I used to think society has refused to respect women, not until I did some research, spoke to a number of women and realized that a number of women do not think they deserve to be respected. I mean there are a lot of shallow minded women out there and this is totally not their fault. I blame it on the society and their general upbringing.
Hey girls! Let`s get that respect we deserve!
Send a message to yommyayilara@gmail.com, I might have a few things to say make you understand you should not be treated any less.
Recognition : this is another issue, I personally think our society has just refused to recognize the existence of women generally, bothering on our ability, capacity, usefulness and strength. Okay , I am a Nigerian, and by society, I mean `Nigeria` kindaa! Butttt! This is like a `whole world` thing and I just don`t want be selfish , so yes! 
Recognition all over the world, shall we! Let's work together to create seats for women all over the world!
Realization : it saddens my heart that a lot of women and I mean a whole lotttt do not want to become anything. I mean as a human, you should be responsible for yourself. Girllll , you should have dreams, you are permitted to have a career, plan your future, contribute to the economy, contribute in the political affairs of your state, contribute in the educational sector and be blunt dear, speak up! 

And yesssss. Speak up, girl! Society is gonna chill!
I want to help a girl speak up today, I want to ensure that girls are respected, recognized and are exposed to their realization. So, like my aims, it`s the 3R`s – Respect, Recognition and Realization and of course, for the girls! (I accept mails from boys too, so if you want to talk and you're boy, feel free! You have the right to be emotional and to express yourself. I love you )
Okay, I am not a boring person ( I think, lol). Anyway, I am gonna keep my write-ups short and interesting so just take a second to like and comment. I talk a lot, so let`s chat. Tell a friend to speak up!

I love you all!

Hey girl, your pain will become your power. You have dreams, chase them! Speak up, girl!


  1. Yea, we should all be feminists. It's not a matter of females alone but an issue the whole "community (males inclusive)" have to deal with it.Women should be respected,recognized and should be able to realize their dreams regardless of their gender.PS:I'm a male.Looking forward to your posts,cheers!

  2. I like the part that talks about realization, girls owning company, having their own money especially. Some of us boys are tired plssss.. Lol