Who are they to say you can't have it all!

Who are they ,lady!
Who are they to say you can't have it all!
You are beautiful
And like that is not enough,you are magical!

Who do they think they are!
I assure you, lady you have the right!
What are they thinking, that hate is gonna bring you down?
That you will eventually give up the race and be subject like they want you to be?

They only think! They think their opinion matters!
They really think that by a few rules and laws they would make you rethink and carry on with their shallow customs!

They don't know!!
They don't know you're ready!
You're stronger
You are strong because your pain has become your power!
Their insecurity makes them pick on you!
But you have decided , yes!
To show them your strength!

Now they all look from a distance
How great you have become
And you smile because you know some keep talking talk
And you smile again, because their words don't even matter to you anymore
You're grown now!
And you know  you are gonna speak up and help others too!
Because society is eventually gonna chill!!
Society chilled for you anyway!