This tiny part of me
Bearing the hate they give!

In a call for a rise
In a bid to inform
Desperation is expressed
By the noises from within
And the tears from beneath
A shallow road is crossed

What a glory you carry
After all , you're just a tiny part of my body
What a gift you are!
Stepping forward and forward

I don't want to accept! it isn't easy
It isn't easy to bear all the hate released
All the condemnations directed towards me
At some point I want to have it all
At some point I'm frustrated

Don't control me!
I can't be driven off my feet by emotions
I can't be held down because I want to feel
I can't be told to keep quiet because I don't want to get hurt by words, by people!

Ohhhhh my heart!
The way you control my rage
The way you control my emotions
Sending signals and not making me scream out loud!
I'm pushed against the wall!
You know I am pushed and suffocated!

You know there is so much more about me
You're the only reason I'm not giving up!
Cos I feel you!

Just trying to make me know as you carry the weight of a lot !
Your strength makes me strong!
If you can be so tiny and carry a lot
Then I can take all the pressure they give
All the messages I receive on how I'm fighting
And screaming for something that cannot change!

Let my head take over
And let me not think with my heart
The steps taken are steps from within
The heart beat is from within
Can a whole bunch of people see this!

I'll let my head to the thinking!
And leave the people to do the talking!
Because, I know I'm never stopping!


A fight with no weapon
A lot of dreams spilled in place of blood
A heart bleeding but not seen
Alone and afraid fighting this war
Without assistance from the people expected
Without help or offers from the people loved

A call for people with bows and arrows
A letter of rejection after misconceptions
A mind wandering. Not knowing, getting lost
A soul out and lost in the wilderness of trust
A little girl wandering , fighting and screaming

Where? Where are the so called protectors
The so called armed fighters
The ones meant to take up this fight
The ones expected to be there and help
Where are the so called powerful and strong bones

There wasting their strength and talking
There, drinking away their strength
There thinking the strength of their fore fathers would be inherited

But my ladies are there fighting alone with no help
Building their hearts stronger than expected
Those so called armed men still smiling
Thinking they still have the strength to rule
But no. She opens her mouth !
She raises her hands and blessings come forth !
They didn't know
She was lonely
But she wasn't sleeping!


Fresh air, breathing in!Sweet fragrance
It's a heart set free
Mind open, lips moving, hands working
It's a mouth set free

After so much calmness and meekness
So much distractions and misconceptions
This lady is here on the podium
Speaking and talking life into young souls
Young hungry souls are fed

I can feel the movement of hope
So many dreams
Very few ears
So many people
A little more fear
So many distractions
A little less attention

So many depressed
A little more happy
So many girls
A little less boys
So many discriminations
A little less attention

So much hope
A little less trust
So many dreams!

Now that there's freedom!
A lot have heard!
A bunch are enlightened!

Free at last from the shaws of thorns
Thorns in place to prick my dreams
Stepping out of the shackles
The laws, rules and binds
Stepping forward to the things hoped for
The things fought for
Breathing in the same air they breathe
It doesn't hurt after all

Strength doesn't hurt after all
This fight was worth it
This war was worth the blood
This is it, their claims
It feels good after all, the laws and rules
Put up not even in a book
Laws passed on for generations
Broken down, now in pieces
Crumbled, never to be seen again

All bunches of dictators
Speaking and defending their wrongs
Getting social backup for injustice

I feel the air finally
Freedom actually feels free
No crime in speaking!

Beautiful Disaster!

Beautiful Disaster

Listen up and let me dictate to you!
Calm down and let me rule over you
Yes you look attractive but you cannot be smart!
Ohhh, never say a word, listen to my words!
Do you not know you're a beautiful disaster!

For your confidence that is tagged "over" by society
For your "stand for equality" tagged as pride in the society
For the sound of your shoes when you walk into a building, flipping, glowing and smiling !
For your being.  For how you look . for how you feel!
For talking back when you see something wrong!
For your hair , left in a fro obstructing the view of discriminators!
Do you not know you're a beautiful disaster!

For being a feminist
For being a girl in love with the growth and development of other girls around you
For wanting equality for all
For fighting in hope for the future
For writing and posting hoping that a young soul would be touched
You are called a beautiful disaster

For being passionate
For impacting and responding to the society
For wanting to make a difference!
For writing this right now!
You are being called a beautiful disaster!

They say in their horrible voices from different angles!
"Ohhhhh, a young lady with dreams?
Noooo, I want a young lady with no dreams
I want her to be beautiful, yes
I want her to be educated , yea
But she can never be ambitious!
I want her to be a beautiful disaster!"

But I say!
I am beautiful, never a disaster!
And I'm gonna speak up !
Because society is eventually gonna chill!
Less girls called beautiful but low key a disaster!
Voices up and screaming!
I don't care about society, I'm beautiful!
Never to be called a "beautiful disaster"!