Beautiful Disaster!

Beautiful Disaster

Listen up and let me dictate to you!
Calm down and let me rule over you
Yes you look attractive but you cannot be smart!
Ohhh, never say a word, listen to my words!
Do you not know you're a beautiful disaster!

For your confidence that is tagged "over" by society
For your "stand for equality" tagged as pride in the society
For the sound of your shoes when you walk into a building, flipping, glowing and smiling !
For your being.  For how you look . for how you feel!
For talking back when you see something wrong!
For your hair , left in a fro obstructing the view of discriminators!
Do you not know you're a beautiful disaster!

For being a feminist
For being a girl in love with the growth and development of other girls around you
For wanting equality for all
For fighting in hope for the future
For writing and posting hoping that a young soul would be touched
You are called a beautiful disaster

For being passionate
For impacting and responding to the society
For wanting to make a difference!
For writing this right now!
You are being called a beautiful disaster!

They say in their horrible voices from different angles!
"Ohhhhh, a young lady with dreams?
Noooo, I want a young lady with no dreams
I want her to be beautiful, yes
I want her to be educated , yea
But she can never be ambitious!
I want her to be a beautiful disaster!"

But I say!
I am beautiful, never a disaster!
And I'm gonna speak up !
Because society is eventually gonna chill!
Less girls called beautiful but low key a disaster!
Voices up and screaming!
I don't care about society, I'm beautiful!
Never to be called a "beautiful disaster"!