Fresh air, breathing in!Sweet fragrance
It's a heart set free
Mind open, lips moving, hands working
It's a mouth set free

After so much calmness and meekness
So much distractions and misconceptions
This lady is here on the podium
Speaking and talking life into young souls
Young hungry souls are fed

I can feel the movement of hope
So many dreams
Very few ears
So many people
A little more fear
So many distractions
A little less attention

So many depressed
A little more happy
So many girls
A little less boys
So many discriminations
A little less attention

So much hope
A little less trust
So many dreams!

Now that there's freedom!
A lot have heard!
A bunch are enlightened!

Free at last from the shaws of thorns
Thorns in place to prick my dreams
Stepping out of the shackles
The laws, rules and binds
Stepping forward to the things hoped for
The things fought for
Breathing in the same air they breathe
It doesn't hurt after all

Strength doesn't hurt after all
This fight was worth it
This war was worth the blood
This is it, their claims
It feels good after all, the laws and rules
Put up not even in a book
Laws passed on for generations
Broken down, now in pieces
Crumbled, never to be seen again

All bunches of dictators
Speaking and defending their wrongs
Getting social backup for injustice

I feel the air finally
Freedom actually feels free
No crime in speaking!