A fight with no weapon
A lot of dreams spilled in place of blood
A heart bleeding but not seen
Alone and afraid fighting this war
Without assistance from the people expected
Without help or offers from the people loved

A call for people with bows and arrows
A letter of rejection after misconceptions
A mind wandering. Not knowing, getting lost
A soul out and lost in the wilderness of trust
A little girl wandering , fighting and screaming

Where? Where are the so called protectors
The so called armed fighters
The ones meant to take up this fight
The ones expected to be there and help
Where are the so called powerful and strong bones

There wasting their strength and talking
There, drinking away their strength
There thinking the strength of their fore fathers would be inherited

But my ladies are there fighting alone with no help
Building their hearts stronger than expected
Those so called armed men still smiling
Thinking they still have the strength to rule
But no. She opens her mouth !
She raises her hands and blessings come forth !
They didn't know
She was lonely
But she wasn't sleeping!