A feeling of consistency
Growing and moving in a body moulded
Moulded all together in imperfections
What a mind of accuracy!
A feeling of movement
A little soul connected
Connected , feeding and growing from the strength transferred

A being that has the capacity to carry life!
To nurture and to birth !
The strength and the passion
The unending love from within

You're a work of art!
Do you not know you carry life?
You have been given the power to nurture and raise another work of art
A soul breathing and connected to the breath you give!
A soul feeding and growing by the pain you feel!

Do you not feel you're special!
Who has the ability to open up and hold on
Who has the ability to endure the maximum feeling of pain
The unending feeling of love and concern
The wonderful feeling of life inside of you!

You are a work of art!
You are more than the river of Nile
You are a special piece of art
You are as fierce as a lion, as soft as fur
You are as bright as the sun

You are the perfect ray of perfection
You are the flawless rhythm of music
You are like a butterfly - a representation of hope, life and endurance
You are as rare as diamonds, a gem
As a sunflower, you are an ideal bloom
Like ruby, you are a powerful gem
Like lavender, you are elegant
Like Daisies, you are positive

More priceless than Gold
Do you not know you carry life!