My Insecurity!✨

A mind not understanding and not conscious
To the calls, cheers and words said a couple of times
Letting loose and letting go has never been as easy as they said it would
I've seen and I've heard my sisters cry in despair

Do I need the oath to accept love or to hold on to words
Maybe I have a lot of demands in a person
Do I need stability in the mental sense
I am a little bit unsure I'll find one
Not a single soul to relate with

Due to the way it has been seen
Society has been disarmed
For a while, for a little much longer
I've been going round in circles
Most likely because I don't know where a straight line would lead to
I'm sure of the circles after all
They'll lead me back to some fun moments and more

Do I need to set standards as high as a tower
Or am I just overreacting and being a kid
Maybe, just maybe there are ears to listen
My point of view is as blunt of course
Maybe I should hold on and hope on
Fight on and wish on!

These dreams are getting me insecure
Dreams I've heard
I've seen sisters giving up, taking a bow and bouncing
Sisters tearing up and laying down lines in past tenses
All ending in "I used to fight for"
Ending in "I once had a passion for women"!

What! You mean it's all over?
All the years of tears and rants on various social media accounts?
It can't be, it shouldn't be
A journey this far and you want to fall down flat?
You started this and I would ensure you end it!
End it! Fighters don't give up!

But, my insecurity! Arghhhhhh!
I'm out!
Ohhhhhh, did I say "out"?
Noooo! I meant in!
Guess what, I'm a fighter
I won't give up!
So I'll let them know, all the partners and misandrists
Standing on lines, waiting to hit me up with hate words!

I do not fall! I stand!
When I stand, I do not bow!
And when I bow, I never smile!

Get that?
So firm! Firm in my standards and personal opinions!
I will never end on a bad note!
I know I will eventually get secure!
My army of a thousand!
I will lash and lash!
Because, when I bow, I never smile!