Faith in a duo

Like lavender set on a tray ready for rays
Do you feel like the only source of hope
Persistent, enduring, but ending in a clash of hearts
Do you feel the need to be naturally inclined
Setting a line of holding and cheering on

A heart so forgiving
Going back to scars and clinging to wounds
Should I say a very artistic creature
One that cannot be compared to Salvator Mundi
Giving it a try over and over again
Letting in a heart over and over again

Thinking about forgetfulness
So much pain forgotten
A lot more, enduring and ignoring obvious pointers
Pointers that prove a heart taken for granted
A soul wounded with cuts unstitched
A fairy tale gone wrong, maybe a little bit more off

A nature so peaceful
A heart of gold and silver lining
A creature, so enduring!
Fighters in pain! Faith in the rain!
Faith when the storm comes!

Faith when the fire burn!
The fire of betrayal and blows unexpected
Faith when the tears roll!
The tears caused by clashes
Faith even when all hope is lost
As a creature so full of power
A creature laced in "royal linen"

A glass, maybe two, broken
Let loose on the floor in fights for understanding
A mug, maybe two, smashed
Letting go and hitting different parts of your body!

Faith! Faith in a Duo!
Faith in two hearts clashing?
Forgetting about your smile!
Letting go of your peace of mind?!

Because you've been named "perfect"
You pretend in perfection and act like you are perfect!

Faith in a Duo?
And you're left in the cold?
Sis! Don’t!
Keep faith in the faithful!