Just because I am a Woman!

A mess here and a mess there but my mess is bigger than yours
A spank there and a spank here but my spank is harder than yours
Segregation here and there because I don't have something you own
A mistake here and a mistake there but mine is brutal than yours
Tears there and pain here just because I am a woman!

Extra careful and extra mannered
A little bit obvious and extra conscious
Extra open and a little cold-hearted
Many demands a few efforts
Just because I am a woman.

Like a river boxed and force to remain still
How easy it is to say and hard to do
Flowing water cannot be stopped after all
The force and force until there is a flood of course
A little too stormy and dry at the same time
What a life of so much in time
Just because I am a woman

An outdated vogue
Stated and trusted
Tested and guaranteed
But a vogue of ages past should be outdated after all
An ideal set up high should change in the cause of time
It won't, they won't, they won't change mine or help mine
Just because I am a woman

In summary, I sit up, up enough to reach a conclusion
It is a long great view of what it is and what it is not
Just because I am a woman
My mistakes should not be greater than yours
Just because I am a woman
You should not be free when I am not

I refuse to keep my mouth shut
Just because I am a woman!


In a quest for the peak
There is a whole bunch of risks
Risks and fears to bring one low, low enough to touch the ground
Like in a war
In the twinkle of an eye, hope is lost
So much hope for the ones we planned

A giant ball, earth
There are uncertainties whether this round thing has wonders to offer
A dream too big, so big, it grows bigger daily
And the doubt grows uncontrollably and suffocates the mind
Eager and eager, with tears and pain
The fight and race
Run and fought without help expected
The struggle!

The struggle is real
The pain is unending
However, the goal is achievable
There is a reason to believe

Persistent and persistent for a great deal of success
The success that would last forever and stay permanently
A knot tied hard to a dream and the stress
Passing through a river of tears
Struggling to reach the brim of course
A package full of bliss
Through a struggle for peace

Oh, what a great deal of time
What a wonderful virtue to hold
The Spirit and strength to hold on and fight on
Not an easy talk but a great work

Persistent and persistent until growth is made
Growth with root so deep never to be cut off
Ignore the spray and cuts because the foundation is deep
Persistent and persistent in planting this dream
Watering and streaming for the perfect shape of peace
Nurturing and holding and taking care of everything

A fight and a struggle to plant that dream
A night without a nap to water that dream
A life full of bliss as the dream grows firm!