Perfectly Filtered.

Not a stain
Ball scrubbed and pale
Succumbing to the movement of the sieve
A little fast, slow and rough

A great one
A bundle of perfection
I am perfectly filtered
No pity, not needed

Respect not deep enough is not fit enough
Let no one come here or around with a list of care
On the surface to prove a point
No pity, no patty, based on a thing that cannot be changed

Step aside, give me space
Not a word to defend myself, I don't have to answer to you
Look away and do not wave
Not for a second do I think twice of what I say

Not for a moment do I regret a word published
Not a second of tears, wishing I could change it all right
A flow of love
Love enough for all and more

An even distribution would definitely not hurt
No pity, I am perfectly filtered
I am not dying or regretting my existence
I do not sit and hope for something different

Not for once have I laid in my bed, wishing I could change myself.
I do not want a pity view, pity respect or pity love
I would definitely get a hold of myself

"Perfectly filtered" because I am- You are too.