Sometimes they say a dream is meant to die or be forgotten
But, there is this furnace in me fueled daily by what is fed my eyes
So much power and fire in my drive to achieve and make a distinction.
I have searched, very far and painfully for a ray of actualization for this big dream
Rejected twice or more but a big deal I must confess

Rejection of a mass of teardrops and heartburns
Inspired by lost lives and reoccurring scars
Inspired by the abused mass of people, the raped number of people and the great concept of misogyny.
I have seen a number of oppressed and a number of women treated like trash to be disposed of

Rights dispensed and destroyed because of a difference in chromosome X and Y
Tears drop! A lot and in bulk.

In a bid to make a difference, a lot is in line.
A break between thinking normal and thinking big.
When a little bit of fear steps in
A little bit of hope bounces up
Insecurity is replaced with certainty
Certainty and what I am and what I want to be.

I want a new dimension for all.
It is realistic to dream big.
It is very possible to achieve it.
It is important to go wide and think wide.
A little bit of setback is not denial.
A little bit of stagnation would not mean a no
A no would not mean a never
It is worth it to keep trying
It gets hard but it can definitely get better.
Let's make this dream of equality come true.
You and I.