Beautiful Tragedy.

My life is a beautiful tragedy
Lots of effort put to make the beautiful more than the tragedy
Tears, bitter enough to spite a drink
Sweat, abundant enough to make a stream
A little too worried about a reason to blossom
So much uncertainty, I can feel my heart flip over.

My smile is a beautiful tragedy
I try so hard to accept the beautiful
But I am remembered daily of restrictions
Restrictions because I am different
Because I am weird and because I am not meant to exist
A different and dominant entity, I am called
To do the dirty and smile while doing it, it's my cross
So heavy I have to bear with a smile
No tears to drop, I am created for this, I am informed.

My world is a beautiful tragedy
Tragedy upon tragedy and disregard to my fierceness
My strength is noticed, however, viewed as a threat
The world has seen it but the view is threatening
How can a smile be ugly and beautiful
I would have left a long time ago
But the string attached to the decisions made by me are unbreaking 
I would have said it in my little voice without a crack
My race is a beautiful tragedy
Panicking and stationed at a spot

Not a ray of hope on some days
Not a ray of loss on some days
In between, not losing, not winning
A beautiful tragedy 

Splits of opinions. Jars of emotions
Reasons are given
Acts defended
Of a few days ago or years, maybe
A beautiful tragedy

Do not say it out loud
Do not let my insecurity out the door
Let's box it and strain it eventually
Let's keep it and use it to our advantage 

My life to them is beautiful
I know, there is a little bit of everything else
Maybe, tragedy
The tragedy is expected anyway.
When there is war, the misogynistic people fall
The tragedy for them
My girls win
A beautiful life

A mix
Beauty and tragedy
Beautiful tragedy.