There is a line between staying in the spotlight and resting on the pathetic edge of a group of laws. It is overwhelming that being different is categorized as being wrong, being confident is seen as being loud and opening up is said to be too revealing.
So much pressure on a set of people and so much expectations from beings who are not given the chance to explore. Misogyny has made a lot of dreams a “once upon a time” story and so many big deals are buried based on an angle of what is not.
It is a gift to be gifted with life. Life is life and it should not be made different because of the carrier. Whether a female body or a male body. A life is just – a life. It is as important, as relevant and as unique. A purpose should and can be driven. If there is a life, there is symbolically a purpose. A reason to live which should never be shut out because of something as little as “gender”.
A group should not be exempted, and if exempted, should not stay exempted. Women should not be exempted. It is a call for a call. A big “NO” to customs and traditions that are faceless. I call them faceless because they are there without authors, no basic reason to exist, no prompt reason to be there, no excuse to make it up for a day and there is absolutely no reason for anyone to be subject to the faceless.
Ever had dreams that dared you to come out of your comfort zone and be that person that the whole world looked up to? How well do you carry that light that has been buried deep down inside of you because you are a woman? How often do you express yourself without fear of being shut up and devastated for a thing as little as your gender?
There is a revelation of breakthrough, a reason and a hope call for all. It is a reason to shine and fight again, a reason to hold on because you and I exist and there is nothing anyone can do about it.Women exist and should be convinced to fight and make a statement. A statement, so  that this existence leaves an impact and great dreams lay examples and clears the road for beautiful women of generations to come.
Women are fighters, born out of passion and reasons to shine. Baked and ready by the environment and exposure that has been laid down in the plan. The rules that were met. All stated without authors. “They said” is all that is heard. Who said? What said? How was it said? , nobody can explain.
And you want to believe in a faceless list of barbaric doctrines? Stand out! Break free. Make a statement and be unapologetic for who you are or who you want to be. It’s a right to be respected as an entity. Respected for your existence.
Fight against misogyny and stand against violence and discrimination against women. Be a voice to the voiceless. And look forward to a future where there is peace and stability.
Say “NO” to the faceless, to the laws without references. A list of do’s and don’ts to oppress a group of people. If the rules cannot apply to all then they cannot apply to you. With a whole lot on your sleeves. It’s a pathetic encounter with what is in place and what is on the race. Various circumstances and a little bit off the bench and there is absolutely no time to be backward.
How dare you sit still because of THE FACELESS! You have a FACE and you are a WOMAN. A basic reason why THE FACELESS should not apply to you.  Speak up girl, society has no choice but to listen.
I realized barbaric standards set up foe women by society. And since I was told I had to live according to “standards”, I set “standards” for myself, and I do not forget to live by them.