FAR AWAY, BUT CLOSE ENOUGH// Yommy Ayilara's Blog is 1 year today! ❤// 21st July, 2020!

I am so grateful. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful.

I have heard of dreams that were dumped and packed, never to be heard of again. I have heard of warriors that crashed and fell to their death on the battle field. I have heard of Queens dethroned and ripped off every diamond on their crowns.

But you all kept a smile on my face for a whole year!

The toughest fight is that against society. A fight against a “spirit” as I call it. Fighting against the "so-called" norms. It is the most DIFFICULT. It is the most DEPRESSING, the most OVERWHELMING and the most FRUSTRATING. I literally offend a lot of people daily. I get on people’s nerves because I say things they don’t want to hear. I am not bothered anyway because I know that when there is war, you must fight to save yourself and the people around you. So, I am here! I am here to fight against every crumb of misogyny! So, to start with, we can’t get along if you are misogynistic.

I have said it before, there is this emotional attachment when you love what you do and there’s also this emotional breakdown when you are crucified for what you love to do. A mix. A bitter sweet experience.

I would have said a lot of stories here today. But, I want to keep it short. Guys, I have cried. I do not hide the fact that I cry. I have written down some messages I have received and some statements made to me and initially those things used to tear me down.

Ever had “close” people joke about everything you do? Heard people degrade you? Degrade your existence and expect the littlest from you? Well, I’m with you.

People have asked a lot of questions. Questions like – What is wrong with you? What exactly are you looking for? How old are you? Who hurt you?

Anywayyyyyyy, my answer - I’m good dear, I’m not hurt but you might get hurt. So, step aside.

Sis, don’t forget you are magic! Don’t ever look down on yourself!  You are beautiful and you deserve the sun, moon and stars. We are far away but we are close enough.

This year, I lost a lot of friends. But, I got a family in return. I have you all and I am so grateful.

Thank you for loving me and keeping up. There wouldn’t be Yommy Ayilara's blog without you guys. You are the most important part of this journey.

Now, I am strong enough to laugh about shades. And I am bold enough to talk about my first and ultimate goal in life...

I’d publicly announce this…

I am here for the girls, always have, always will be.
I am close enough but still far away. But, I would never stop fighting!

A feminist until my last breath!

Yommy Ayilara's blog is 1 year!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyy! Thank you, God!

Sending love, Yommy Ayilara.

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