Let the 'feels' walk away...

In a consistent fight to getting it right, 

A lot of bad decisions were made,

Some good, most bad, 

Some cost me my smile.

But the words are here to take them all away,

The hurt, the pain, the days I left untamed, 

As water flows away, feeling go away,

More to come, more to move away, 

Some for fun, some to cause some pain. 

In a war against ‘feels' and words,

Words don’t take the lead,

The ‘feels' let it away,

The smile, the highs, and lows,

Well, maybe they should be left cold,

Freezing so nobody can hold,

The heart of gold and cold,

Freezing and folding away to be left unused.

I let the ‘feels’ walk away. 

I could let a soul call my name,

I had a voice, a plan, and a pen,

But, none let me do the things,

I put the puzzles together and made castles,

I pushed and crumbled them all with a flood of tears,

I thought I said I let my ‘feels’ walk away,

Not true, I let the tears of flood roll in,

I let my ‘feels' walk away…

I would let a jar in and turn it over,

I let the flour rise but I best it down,

I put the star in but I left the light on,

I let the moon glow but I shut the windows,

All on, but my road blocked,

The feeling of ‘feels’ walking away. 

Maybe my words are not printed well,

Or, my ‘feels’ don’t appear right,

How can they appear right when they don’t sit?

My words are falling,

I feel the lines breaking,

I know, I’m writing about the breakage,

Maybe just to make this a complete stanza.

The ‘feels’ of whatever…

This girl let her ‘feels’ walk away.