"HE WOULD HAVE RAPED ME" - Talk with Yommy - A true story of Zee.

 Sometimes, it feels like a lot of talk – Rape feels like a lot, yeah? It gets tiring when people like Yommy and her feminist coalition friends never stop talking about it. Like can y’all not just stop causing so much noise about this? – You girls do the most! Well well well – Sorry, not sorry to burst your pimple -! 

We don’t stop because it’s real, it happens, and not enough attention has been given. We don’t stop because victims get blamed and the offenders get away with it. We don’t stop because we don’t live according to societal standards and we won’t stop until y’all notice this and pay attention!

This is a true-life story – Zee talked to me – THE TALK with Yommy! 

“Hi Yommy, he almost raped me! - Zee

I'm into the food business and I have logistics who deliver my meals to the appropriate quarters, but some customers still demand I bring it my self so I deliver once in a while.

It happened on the 1st of October, 2020. An old FRIEND of mine, (my primary school classmate to be precise, we connected back not quite long, though we only chat, we haven't seen each other since after primary school).

Anyway, he ordered food from me and he demanded I brought it to his place. I didn’t see that as a big deal, at least, I'd get to meet my long time friend. 

On the delivery day, I got his address and headed to his house. When I finally got to his house, he invited me in. As I entered his house, I noticed there was nobody at home, (I wasn’t expecting that though, he told me his mom was home and was expecting to see me after so many years). Anyway, he offered me a chair and I sat and gave him what he ordered. He offered me the food but I declined and had just water. 

We started talking and catching up on the past few years and it was really nice talking to him. He talked about a movie on Netflix and he suggested we watched the movie together – I didn’t have an objection because heyyyyy! My friend! 

20minutes into the movie, he started touching me. I told him to stop immediately and that was when I knew I overstayed my welcome. I wore my shoes and I started heading to the door. Before I knew what was happening, he carried me and placed me on the chair. At this point, I was struggling and telling him to stop. I kept on telling him I wasn’t interested. 

I was already crying. I kept on telling him he was about to rape me because I wasn’t giving my consent. It was like he couldn’t hear any word. His mind was somewhere far away and I didn’t know how to get there. 

At that point, I just remembered - "if this guy rapes me, I won't have a case because I was the one that went to his house".

I immediately came up with an idea. I told him I was ready. I told him to let me position myself well and I targeted the door. I had 2-3plans in my head already. As he left me alone, I grabbed my bag, opened the door and ran out.

As I was still running, he was begging me loudly not to leave in anger, that he was seeing his ex- girlfriends face in me. 

To cut everything short, I escaped. I could not tell my family members how the delivery went.

I'm never going to do delivery myself again”.

The end. 

Something here got my attention – ‘I knew I didn’t have a case because I went to his house'. That’s how it is for most girls. They are always blamed for being at a particular place. The attention is totally taken away from the rapist and now diverted to the raped. They ask the raped why she got raped, why she was there, and why she let herself get raped. 

This story could have ended in a more terrible way. This could have been another story of injustice for a rape victim. 

No words…

Speak up, girl. 

If you have a story you’d love to share, send me a mail - yommyayilara@gmail.com 


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But sometimes, the lines get all blurry.

Sometimes, smiling doesn’t work sometimes,

The eyes won’t go shut some days,

Sometimes, what runs inside you controls you,

Sometimes, you can’t control ‘you' the way you want to,

From the activeness to the weakness, you’re human after all. 

I don’t have it 100% all the time, in fact, I need to get charged most of the time,

I smile, I laugh, but I feel safe to call that my ‘icing’,

I need a new recipe for my cake,

Sounds wrong, sounds right,

Sounds like something I would delete soon. 

If this gets out, this is a deep one,

This is true love and this is my safe spot,

Bringing alphabets together, different sounds with different meanings,

How can I construct words so easily and leave the puzzles of my life unattended?,

Then, I agree, words don’t work the way life does. 

I have been writing short words, 

Has to be,

Who can afford to leave a full book of emotions on the internet?,

Can be you, but definitely not me,

At least, not until I get my cake baked. 

Of course, I would relate my emotions to my gender,

At least, that takes me out of the spotlight,

But, you can read between the lines,

You can see beyond the stars, 

Whether it’s general, personal or whatever, 

At least, I wrote you something today.