But sometimes, the lines get all blurry.

Sometimes, smiling doesn’t work sometimes,

The eyes won’t go shut some days,

Sometimes, what runs inside you controls you,

Sometimes, you can’t control ‘you' the way you want to,

From the activeness to the weakness, you’re human after all. 

I don’t have it 100% all the time, in fact, I need to get charged most of the time,

I smile, I laugh, but I feel safe to call that my ‘icing’,

I need a new recipe for my cake,

Sounds wrong, sounds right,

Sounds like something I would delete soon. 

If this gets out, this is a deep one,

This is true love and this is my safe spot,

Bringing alphabets together, different sounds with different meanings,

How can I construct words so easily and leave the puzzles of my life unattended?,

Then, I agree, words don’t work the way life does. 

I have been writing short words, 

Has to be,

Who can afford to leave a full book of emotions on the internet?,

Can be you, but definitely not me,

At least, not until I get my cake baked. 

Of course, I would relate my emotions to my gender,

At least, that takes me out of the spotlight,

But, you can read between the lines,

You can see beyond the stars, 

Whether it’s general, personal or whatever, 

At least, I wrote you something today.