Do I? Don't I? - (More of me)


Do I know what I’m doing, a little bit of life and I’m crumbling 

Is this really how I planned it, one little push and I come falling

I thought life was meant to be easy

A little fun, a little cool, and a little scarier

Well, maybe I did a lot of thinking 

And, I left out the real essence of living 

Don’t I know how to arrange things?

I thought I could handle everything because I claimed it 

Maybe I was just a little bit off it

Lately, that has been the only mood I cling to 

Am I lonely or am I being a baby?

Is this real? Or, am I just overreacting? 

Is this a post it is this just my jotting?

Would I post or would I just delete it?

It’s been a long while. Maybe not to you but definitely to me. 

I know I’d bounce back

Maybe soon, maybe later, but someday

Maybe close, maybe far, but eventually 

Deep down I feel this isn’t worth it

These words, these lines, this post entirely

But what is the essence of living?

I guess it’s to rough it, do it and do you

So, this is me doing ‘me’

Do I get it? No

Would I stop? No

Do I? Don’t I? 

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