I leave a bow to the ones that know me, the ones that love me, and the ones that care about me. I say a big thank you for the little hopes that live big in me. The little words that left a book in me, the little drops that left an ocean for me.

They say life is a roller coaster of emotions. My emotions, your emotions, our emotions, and the more we try, the better we become. The more we dream, the better we are. Thousands of rejection is a little of all that would be seen. A little NO here and a little NO there, finally building the foundations for MAYBES and eventually YES. 

I am in awe of the many words that come my way, the good, the bad, the weird, and the motivating. I think you should be too. Those words remind you to have feelings, they make you know how you’re doing, either nicely or badly, they just make you know. 

I dream daily of the little messages, the ones I get when I want to do something new. The little I get when I dream new dreams, the ones that push me, the ones that discourage me, I am just here for the little this and the little that. Oh wow! I guess we would make it a WE.

We pay attention to the little fears, the little tears, and the little NOS. 

We make way for the little breakdowns, the little denials, and the little crashes.

What happened to hopes, dreams, and assurance? What happened to the glow on your face when you dreamed that dream and the hope that you felt making that wish? What would happen to the ‘what if it works' when all you care about is ‘what if it doesn’t ‘. What happened to believing? 

What happened to you? What happened to me? What happened to us?


  1. Wow, have I ever told you that you write so beautifully. I love it. Welldone. Personally I feel second guessing happens to everyone. And honestly, life is indeed a rollercoaster of emotions. I hope you're good though

  2. I so much connect with your writing..... Big ups.