YOU AND I - A spy into the book, THE TALKING WOMAN...

At the edge of falling in and falling out. At the tip of a land, a little push, I'd be coming crashing down. 

There is an emotional attachment to the fact that there is no exposure and no matter how well or wide I explore, there is a stopping clause. “you cannot do this”. 

Sometimes, questions come up and a little bit of doubt sets in, how hard is it? Is this how it should be? Am I at a disadvantage? 

It’s so difficult to get things done around here. There’s this disadvantage – I  wouldn’t want to use that word but I don’t know how better to explain what I feel- It’s like a clause or a spot that drags us back when a peak is about to be reached. It is like an attachment to bad luck. , Like I carry around this energy that makes people want to scream and move away from me because I’m scary and different.

I try so hard to disagree with this fact but most of the time, emotions take over and I break down and wish it wasn’t this way. 

I wish I was born into this world with as much advantage as the opposite sex. I wish I didn’t have to fight for something that another person gets without even asking. I wish I could wake up and be myself with a smile on my face and all the support I want and need. I wish I didn’t have to argue with a lot of people and break a lot of walls before giving myself a sit at the table. I wish everything was normal. 

Nothing makes me more happy than seeing women live the way they want to and not how they are told to. Seeing women break free from what has been considered normative, paying no attention to insensitive flans people make about their choices and ideas and trying very hard to explore by not letting words get to them or stop them from being queens that they really are. It simply... 


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