Most of the time, life throws a lot at us, it seems like there should be more to take in but very less to give. Circumstances do not favour us, society doesn’t, and life generally is a roller coaster of emotions – mostly bad experiences except good ones fought for.

Women have for years kept it all in, struggled to move at the pace some others moved on a platter of gold. Everything had to end in wars. In wars of gnashing of words and the clashing of laws. Words that are spat for only one gender – just to reach places others found easily, freely, and voluntarily. So many associations – there has to be anyway. Who would fight for the class classified as ‘second thought' , ‘after thought' – yes, the women.

Building to crumble, pushed with so much, given a lot to deal with, to care for and to handle – it’s a selfish world! I see women struggle to move forward in thorns. Thorns classified as societal norm, as religious instructions, and as rules – only for women, just because of a difference in chromosomes.

Thorns called misogyny, thorns called patriarchy – rules here, rules there, it’s a constant battlefield.

Most of the time, I try to understand where these thorns came from. For years, I have sat down and tried to get an actual break down. The history, the reason women are treated this way in the society. Somehow, I just never get it.

I grew up to meet it this way, I asked around and still, older people grew up to meet it this way – on and on and on, nobody has an answer – it has been ‘we met it that way' ‘let it stay that way'. Why should it? Why should women have to struggle through thorns to make it to particular milestones readily available for the other gender? Why are women classified as ‘not worth it' ? Why are women not allowed to be?

They say everyone is allowed to have dreams, so why do they kill the dreams of women? There is an automatic thought when a woman wants something – they go, ‘are you sure you can do this? You know you are just a woman’. Why has being a woman become a disadvantage? 

The setting, the training, the raising of an entire gender is to please the other. It is like women are cultured so they know how to behave perfectly for the men. They mould women into stationed shapes that even when they dry up, they break them and wet them to remould. This goes on and on until women are made to look how they want and be who they want them to be. 

Moving forward in thorns is a struggle, the bleeding, the tears, the wound, and the very little care. 

I hope one day, the thorns get trimmed. I see them getting chopped off. Hopefully, women can strive without bleeding.