21st June! 2 years! ❤️ - Growth, Challenges, and Life!

Just a spice, never mind, It’s a rant – might appear rough but what do you expect? My mind isn’t smoothened out anyway. You get work as rough as the mind it came from – it’s the normal thing to expect.

Now, we’ve been in-between two edges

Well, I have been in between two edges, just that it wasn’t two soft sides like the fillings of a sandwich – it was more painful like getting my fingers caught in the door. (Well, I might not be exaggerating but this is a disclaimer that I do sometime)

This year was very rough – you probably noticed – but life is tough and it’s okay to have it rough sometimes. 

I had it rough – I didn’t have so much time to write on here because of so many reasons. I think I can start by blaming it on my mental health. 

The alphabets in my appendix decided they needed to be removed in the middle of a semester so yes! We had so much alphabets to make words! I was admitted, home sick, extra sick, and I recovered very slowly – I reacted to almost everything! My anxiety became one hundred percent – I didn’t know how to catch up with so much school work I missed and I couldn’t handle juggling it with updating y’all here so I just took a break. 

This break on here made me lose a number of readers and I became so down about it – I think it made me uninterested for a while (I was so frustrated) – Everything I built so diligently came crumbling and it totally wasn’t my fault! I could not handle coming on here to check my numbers – I just wasn’t handling anything well.

Now , when things get rough what’s the right thing to do? Pause, take a break, breathe, and start all over again. 

That’s what I’m doing right now, starting again and also announcing YOMMY AYILARA'S BLOG is 2 years! Omgsssss! 

I love you guys so much for sticking with me, loving me, and loving my content!

This year is gonna be greater! I can feel it! By the Grace of God! 

Love you, drop a comment. X. 


  1. Keep it up b🥳🥳🥳
    You can do it
    God gat u dear

  2. We can't wait😁😁😁😁💃💃💃💃💃💥💃💥💃💥💃💥💖💖💖. Back with a banger!!!!!!