‘I was only SIX - he started touching me and trying to stick his hand in places I didn’t like’ - X

I WAS ONLY SIX – ‘he started touching me and trying to stick his hand in places I didn’t like’ – X



Hey! I’m sure you already know that when you see ‘THE TALK with Yommy’ , you’re about to read something real and triggering.


We’re back! Remember when I said this year would be a better year? Well – here. We’ll be referring to my friend as ‘X’. Let’s give here some privacy.


When I got a text from X, I was very curious. I wanted to listen to her so bad. I was sure a lot of people would relate to her story. X sent me a text and we got to work. Reading X’ story triggered me. It made me really scared because most of the time, you feel comfortable around people you call ‘family’ and you don’t expect them to hurt you – not a little, or a little bit more. 


For a very long time, we have tried to live by rules – so many rules. ‘Don’t drink from an open juice can’ , ‘don’t stay out late’, ‘don’t go to his house’ , ‘buy a pepper spray bottle’, ‘share your location’, ‘always go out with a friend’… ‘blah’ ‘blah’ and one more ‘blah’.


The question is, where exactly are women safe? At home you’d say? Well, here is a story of a girl at home – Meet ‘X’.


In her words – 


‘My little story is not one I like to remember. It's more of pain than a story. 


When I was much younger, around the age of six to seven, my older cousin was addicted to watching pornographic videos and most times I caught him doing things to himself but I never said anything. One day, my mom left me home with him and he started acting strangely. As a child, I didn't understand most of what he was saying. 

Until he started touching me and trying to stick his hand in places where I didn't like. At first, I moved back but then he pushed me back and started forcing me to touch him. I shouted when he hit me and he almost fell.

I thank God he never got his way because my mom came home. She still doesn't know what happened till date. She thought we were just playing.


I had nightmares when it first happened. Nightmares I didn't understand.  For awhile I was self absorbed. Didn't talk to anyone and I used a therapist. She's on instagram too 

She helped me and I used some drugs. They called them anti depressants. there's a riddle I always use when I'm sad or depressed by the past

"There are two wolves and they're always fighting, one is light and hope and the other is darkness and despair" Which wolf will win?

The answer is whichever one you feed the most. 

It means whichever one you give room to stay inside you.

It's my motivation. It's what my therapist taught  to use and it's brought me this far. Share this too. It might help someone. Everything about it still gives me the creeps but I'm fine now. I guess. It's  been 11 years and I'm okay. I'm hoping nothing like that will happen again’.


The most triggering part of this story to me – ‘I had nightmares’ – A 6-year-old ! Nightmares!


I love that riddle, do you?


There are many more stories – stories that a lot of people can’t talk about. 


Now tell me, where exactly are women safe? 


This is a sign not to be an apologist. This was a 6-year-old girl. She obeyed all ‘your’ rules on how not to get assaulted/abused – did they work? NO


She was hurt by family and till date, she still ‘guesses’ she’s okay. 


Please send X some love!


  1. So sorry x
    But I'm glad you're fine.
    This is inspiring

  2. Mehnn
    I'm glad u are ok now
    Really an overcomer
    Very inspiring 🤝

  3. Omoooo
    I'm glad you're fine now
    Please keep hope alive
    Weldone Yommy..this is inspiring