Have you tried silence?

When the noise gets too much, and the motivational quotes don’t seem to be working

When the tears get so hot, and the skin seems to be burning

When the feelings get deep, and the heart seems to me breaking

When you say no, but your mind plays ‘not hearing’ 

Have you tried silence? 

Have you tried to take breaks from the noise?

Have you tried to stay away from the storm?

Have you tried running away?

Have you tried staying off?

Have you tried silence?

I know, I know, you are to face your fears

But what happens when your fears face you chest to chest?

What happens when your fears give you panic attacks?

What happens when the noise seems to be making you deaf?

What happens?

Have you tried silence?

Have you tried running away?

The renewal and refill?

The entire process of getting away from the noise and breaking free?

Have you tried crying?

Have you tried screaming?

Have you tried sleeping?

Have you tried breathing?

Have you tried silence?

Sometimes, when the fear faces you, try silence

Try running, try hiding and get breathing

Just try

Try getting your head together

Don’t face your fears trembling

Face them when you have prepared for war

Take a break to prepare

Try breaks

Try distance

Try silence



8th December, 2021. 

I did a little thing…


A lot of us talk about our rights, but when it comes to women, we draw the line. I wonder how the separation began because basically, women’s rights are human rights. Women = Humans.

It is alarming that people do not see the importance, maybe because it is restricted to a gender - it's like ‘yes, we have the freedom of speech’ - but it's with a woman we draw the line - ‘hey girl, don't talk too much, don't you know it’s not lady-like’ - how a basic right has been tailored to suit a specific group of people surprises me. 

Knowingly and unknowingly, people have let their bias into various aspects in the world. Just a few days ago, I had a huge argument with my course mates over a law they made in my faculty’s constitution. If you read the introduction to this blog, you'll see I told you about my course - UPDATE - I'm in my final year btw! 500 level law! (drum rolls😂) .

So back to the story - y'all are aware that law students dress in uniforms - Black and White for everyone. However, there is a modification - instead of black, law students are allowed to wear either a navy blue/dark grey trouser (boys) or skirt (girls) - Note that's the general rule. Now to the main story - The people in power (who are students btw) made a rule decided that the exception of navy blue and dark grey is just for the boys and that girls should stick to just black skirts.

My first reaction was WHY? Y’all know me, I had to represent. I know most people felt that it was a little thing, I mean it's just the colour of skirts - but I knew what that meant. It starts from the little things - the little little discrimination.

I asked why it had to be so and I absolutely disagreed. I made my points saying that it was very wrong to make a gender specific rule. I made up my mind to buy navy blue skirts and dark grey skirts from next semester and intentionally flaunt the rule because that is a discriminatory rule. 

They kept on arguing and arguing but I did not stop. At this point, many other girls joined me and the end of the day, they informed us they would scrap that part of the law. I still insisted that if they didn't, we(us girls) would wear those colours and they wouldn't be able to do anything about it. As I am typing this, they still haven't changed the rule but I've been seeing a number of girls putting on navy blue/grey (I loveettt). I can't wait for Christmas break so I can go shopping and buy navy blue and grey skirts. We have the right to! 

Now this shows the basic - Women's Rights are Human Rights. People are not only supposed to draw the line when it comes to women. They mostly do this because a lot of women do not query the customs. 

#16daysofActivism #OrangetheWorld