Have you tried silence?

When the noise gets too much, and the motivational quotes don’t seem to be working

When the tears get so hot, and the skin seems to be burning

When the feelings get deep, and the heart seems to me breaking

When you say no, but your mind plays ‘not hearing’ 

Have you tried silence? 

Have you tried to take breaks from the noise?

Have you tried to stay away from the storm?

Have you tried running away?

Have you tried staying off?

Have you tried silence?

I know, I know, you are to face your fears

But what happens when your fears face you chest to chest?

What happens when your fears give you panic attacks?

What happens when the noise seems to be making you deaf?

What happens?

Have you tried silence?

Have you tried running away?

The renewal and refill?

The entire process of getting away from the noise and breaking free?

Have you tried crying?

Have you tried screaming?

Have you tried sleeping?

Have you tried breathing?

Have you tried silence?

Sometimes, when the fear faces you, try silence

Try running, try hiding and get breathing

Just try

Try getting your head together

Don’t face your fears trembling

Face them when you have prepared for war

Take a break to prepare

Try breaks

Try distance

Try silence



8th December, 2021. 

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  1. Yes!! This is when a retreat is truly needed to evaluate and reenergize